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Family Promise of Southwest New Jersey Programs

Pathway to Housing Program provides temporary shelter and food for families with children age 18 and under, family case management, financial literacy training, job search assistance, resume writing, referrals to partnering social service organizations , tutoring for children,  connections to summer camps for children, parenting classes, and assistance searching for permanent housing. The housing consists of shelter during the day at our Day Center in Glassboro and in the evening at one of 13 host sites throughout the county. The day center allows families to: *stay together during the most difficult time in their lives * save money otherwise spent on food and motels *have a place to shower and store personal items in a private room * have a mailing address for employment and social service applications *bus stop for children to go to school *resource room with computers for children to complete homework and parents to seek housing *meeting space for financial literacy workshops and parenting classes Families are transported in the evening by our network van to overnight accommodations at one of 13 partner sites. Each host site houses families for a one week period of time and provides volunteers to drive the van, make dinner and stay with the families overnight. Our program operates 365 days a year, assists homeless working families who’s income level is at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines, employs a full time Executive Director of Programs and Services to work directly with the families and enlists the help of over 400 volunteers countywide. 


Transitional Housing Program assists 2 families annually with independent living in a single family home. Each family can stay for a 6 month period of time giving them an opportunity to save money for a home of their own. Families receive individualized case management, access to financial literacy training and parenting classes, connections to local food banks or other community resources and assistance searching for permanent housing.

Watch This To Understand

This is what family homelessness looks like in our area. We partner with the McKinney Vento program to help move families out of dangerous motels and into permanent housing. They provide transportation, tutoring, mentoring services to name a few to all students identified as homeless from school districts. They have approximately 350 school age children currently on their roster for Gloucester County. This does not include parents and non school aged children. #helphomelesschildren #supportfamilypromise #endfamilyhomelessnessnowNew Jersey parents and kids share what it’s like to experience homelessness and what school means to them. (20 min) Funded by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education…

Tue Apr 23rd, 2019  ·